EMV-L2 contactless kernel

Our EMV-L2 contactless kernel is compliant with :

EMVco Architecture and General Requirement V2.4 volume A
EMVco Entry Point specification V2.4 volume B
EMVco C-1 Kernel 1 V2.4 for some cards with JCB AIDs and some cards with Visa AIDs
EMVco C-2 Kernel 2 V2.4 for MasterCards AIDs
EMVco C-3 Kernel 3 V2.4 for Visa AIDs
EMVco C-4 Kernel 4 V2.4 for American Express AIDs
EMVco C-5 Kernel 5 V2.4 for JCB AIDs
EMVco C-6 Kernel 6 V2.4 for Discover AIDs
EMVco C-7 Kernel 7 V2.4 for UnionPay AIDs