The Evaluation Kit SCReader CT1 OEM is a Smart Card reader module compliant with ISO7816 and EMV Level 1. Easy to use and can be integrated everywhere like vending machines, kiosks, voting machines, ID verification and more…

ABC SmartCard provides a reference design of Smart Card Payment Reader enabling customers to obtain secure and high-performance mobile Point Of Sale.

The SCReader-OEM is a contact smartcard reader module compliant with ISO7816 and EMV L1 specifications. Very compact, this module is perfect for integration in other products such as vending machines,kiosks, voting machines, ID verifiers... Built around an INSIDE SECURE AT90SCR chip and ABC SMARTCARD EMV L1 stack, this module larger systems to easily access all types of cards through an on-board or external smart card connector.
Different host processor interfaces are available: serial TTL, RS-232, I2C, SPI or USB. The USB interface is PC/SC and CCID compliant and is supported by most environments (Windows, Android, Linux, MacOS...).
Firmware can be customized by the user for an easier integration.
The multiple GPIOs can be customized to add extra IOs for specific application (LCD, Keyboard, power switch relay). ABC Smartcard can also customize this module to meet your application.



  • Contact Smartcard reader interface

ISO7816 and EMVco Level 1
Support asynchronous card ISO7816-1,2,3,4 protocol T=0, T=1
High-performance (up to 600Kbps depending on the card TA1=97)
Support 5V, 3V, 1,8V Smart cards ISO7816 Type A,B and C
Card Size : ID-1 (fullsize), ID-2 SIM size and external connector 8 pins
Smartcard movement detection with auto power-off



Microsoft WHQL
EMV Level 1 v4.3 certified
ISO 7816
CCID v1.1
PC/SC Workgroup

You can download the product info ABC CORE CT1 Reader Smartcard PC/SC OEM here