ABC CORE CT1 – Smartcard Reader Chipset


ABC Smartcard proposes a chip with a ABC CORE CT1 Kernel already porting in chip for Contact Smartcard Reader.

ABC CORE CT1 running in chip AT90SCRxxx family from Inside Secure  for a simplest design Smartcard reader. ABC CORE CT1 chipset  integrated a stack EMV Level 1, ISO7816 stack.

ABC-CORE CT1 chipset compliant with PC/SC driver for windows and Linux.


ABC COTRE CT1 Chipset version 3.2.x Based Reader is certified WHQL (Plug & Play and PC/SC) and allows for EMV Level 1 version 4.3

The reader can be used in two different mode :

  • Generic operating mode (ISO7816 and synchronous smart card)
  • EMV compliant EMVco L1 version 4.3


ABC CORE CT1 chipset is connecting to the Host computer throught USB, as specified in the USB Specification 2.0.

ABC CORE CT1 chipset is working in full speed mode, i.e. 12Mbps and is compliant with CCID class and Microsoft driver has to be installed.

On demand other link in option : Serial, SPI, HSSPI and I2C connexions are also avaible.


These commands behave specifically when the EMV-compliant ùode is selected.EMVco

  • Power Up - EMV-compliant
  • Exchange APDU - EMV compliant
  • Card Status - EMV compliant

In EMV-compliant operating mode, the transparent type can be selected for a card.




  • Host Interface :

USB 2.0, CCID, UART, RS232, SPI, I2

Transmision speed : USB 12Mbps, 20 Mbps (High Speed SPI)

ISO7816  Interface with Internal Step Up/Down DC/DC Converter with Programmable Voltage Output 5Volt, 3Volt , 1.8Volt Class A, B, C

  • Synchronous/Asynchronous

Protocols T=0 and T=1 with Direct or Inverse convention,  SAM HSP Calypso


  • Support I2C synchronous cards

2-Wires SLE4432/42 (S=10)

3-Wires SLE4418/28 (S=9)

SLE44xx, SLE55xx, SLE6636

AT88SC101/102, AT88SC1003, AT88SC153, AT88SC1608

ST14C01/02/04/08/16/32/64/128/256/1024, ST14C02C/04C


  • Other features

Firmware updated and Custom developpment on demand

Card insertion/removal detection with automatic deactivation sequence

Programmable Baud Rate Generator from 372 to 3 clock cycles

Automatic character repetition on parity errors

Supports limited cable length to Smart Card Connector (~50cm)

6 kV HBM ESD (JEDEC JESD22-A114E) protection on whole Smart Card Interface


Download flyer presention ABC-CORE CT1 Chipset

Datasheet AT90SCRxxx chipset smartcard reader

A Contactless version is available here, supports any T=CL contactless
smartcard (ISO 14443), including Calypso transport cards and all families of Mifare cards.

It is able to read/write any NFC Forum Tag as wellas virtually any RFID chip in the ISO 15693 or ISO 18000-3