Fast track route to EMV Level 1 and Level 2 certifications
ABC Smart Card had become an expert in multiple certification processes. With our experts and our different test benches, we can assist you to test your software and hardware, giving you precious hints and information to pass successfully your certification with approved labs.
Using our services, you can got to labs with a high level confidence. Failing in labs is always a painful experience, not only for your finances, but also for your deadlines.
We can help you with the following certifications: EMV L1/L2 Contact/Contactless, Visa, Mastercard, PCI, PayPass, payWave, NFC, Calypso, GIE SESAM-Vitale, and more... 

ABC Smart Card offers training sessions for your team in order for you to gain a better knowledge of the smartcard world. We offer training of different levels on:

  • Smartcards (contact and contactless)
  • Card Readers(contact and contactless)
  • EMV L1/L2 Librairies (contact and contactless)
  • Interfaces (Windows, Linux, PC/SC...)
  • Mobile payment app development
  • NFC

Contact us for more trainings.

Consulting Services
From expert customers, who just need a custom solution, to customers who are looking for advice, solutions and project manager, ABC Smart Card is here to assist you. We can define your project's specifications, develop solutions, or solve your technical problems.
From cards and custom made readers, to software and IT infrastructures, ABC Smart Card has solutions to help you realize your project.