About us


Who we are?

ABC Smart Card core business is smartcard technology.

ABC Smart Card is a private engineering and design company founded in 2005 by Hervé Abel, its current CEO. It is located in Marseilles, South of France.

ABC Smart Card focuses on smartcards, smartcard readers (contact and contactless), payment systems, NFC, secure devices, vending machines, kiosks, cryptographic modules, EMV Level 1 and Level 2 specifications, PCI Paid, Internet of Thing (IoT), Access control, Ticketing and more… Our team is made of experts coming, mainly, from the smartcard industry. Our team has different fields of expertise such as ISO7816, ISO14443, NFC, RFID, Bluetooth BLE, WIFI, mobile data communication...
Our team can:

  • Develop smartcard OS on different secure micro-controllers
  • Develop EMV Level 1 / Level 2 libraries
  • Develop software on different OS (Windows, Linux and other RTOS)
  • Develop electronic boards using most of the micro-controllers on the market
  • Develop mobile apps (iOS, Android)


What we do?

ABC Smart Card develops products and offers services.

With our expertise, we assist you to fulfill your needs.


  • We provide you with different IPs (EMV L1/L2 and payment libraries)
  • We provide you with Smartcard reader chipset
  • We provide you with OEM devices
  • We provide you with full solutions


  • We assist you with your certifications (EMV, PCI, CE, PayPass, payWave, Calypso, NFC, GIE SESAM-Vitale...)
  • We give you trainings
  • We offer project managment assistance (ie writing specifications, advice...)

Our Strenghts